3 Tech Essentials for Your Remote Business

Even though remote work has been around for quite some time, COVID really helped popularize it. With lockdowns all over the world, remote working was the only option, and almost all businesses shifted towards it.

According to a study, employees were very supportive of the idea of working remotely, and most of them were happier with working remotely, resulting in better performance.

Since remote work is highly popular these days, you must be well equipped to do all sorts of work from the comfort of your home. In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the tech essentials you must have if you’re operating a remote business or working remotely.

1.      Messaging and Video Conference Tools

As obvious as it gets, the most necessary tech essentials you must have are messaging and video conferencing tools. When working remotely, you can’t visit an employee at their desk or call them up to your office. In order to stay updated with the progress of the work and remain on the same wavelength, you must coordinate with your team at all times. Messaging and video meetings are a way to do that. Multiple messaging and video conferencing tools are available on the internet now, which are very safe and offer good privacy and end-to-end encryption to protect your data and privacy.

2.      Cloud-Based ERP System

Businesses and companies these days certainly use cloud services on a daily basis. Be it editing or uploading a file or a document that needs to be shared with the team. A cloud-based ERP system can help your business safely store your data and information in a centralized database that is easy to access for every employee that is required to access it. It can also be protected via a password to restrict it from people who the information or data isn’t relevant for.

Having a centralized database helps your business to keep running without unnecessary interruptions and delays, reducing turn-around times and making all other processes streamlined.

3.      A Platform for Project Management

Keeping your tasks and projects organized on a platform dedicated specifically for this purpose can help your business run smoothly. Keeping track of projects through messages and video meetings can be hard, and this informal way of doing it might lead to miscommunication and misunderstanding among you and your employees. Make sure you have a separate platform for project management that has all the details of all projects in different folders, their completion rates, who is assigned, and how much is left.


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