3 Ways Data Mining Can Help Your Business Get a Competitive Advantage

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There is literally no way that anyone can devise an effective business strategy without using extensive data sets that indicate market dynamics. You should think of data as a map that tells you how the market is working—information on competitor performance, how you compare to them, how the consumer is behaving and so on. In the modern business environment, particularly, data is the driver of business activities across the entire organizational structure.

It’s a mark of how important data’s become for businesses that 91.6% of all Fortune 1000 companies are investing in data analytics, and 91.7% of them agree that data analytics makes them more competitive.

It’s a really simple idea—if you have relevant data at your disposal, there’s no event that’s theoretically unpredictable. It’s exactly how seismologists can predict earthquakes with a lot of accuracy—they have a lot of data to work with.

The question for us is, how exactly do you get the right data?

The answer is —through data mining.

What is Data Mining?

Data mining is a common term nowadays, but there are few people who understand what it really is. See, the internet is filled with all sorts of information—with little organization or meaning. But just because the data isn’t meaningful at this moment, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it meaningful.

Let’s say you’re a clothing company trying to forecast the demand for your clothes later in the year—you could potentially do that using temperature forecasts for the coming year. While the data wouldn’t make sense to someone from outside your organization, the context in which you use your data—makes the information meaningful for your specific needs. This exercise is called data mining.

Some ways data mining can help you get a competitive edge include:

1. Accurate Forecasting

Once you get relevant data, you can devise predictive models to tell you how the market will operate in the future. This applies in principle to all sorts of market activities, including consumer demand, your performance, the competition’s performance and more. With this information, you can devise effective strategies to capitalize on future opportunities.

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2. Assessing Business Performance

You need to devise metrics against which you can measure your organization’s performance. Often, business owners gauge their performance based on how other businesses in the industry are doing. Since there isn’t any central database for this information, you can mine for this data to generate progress reports.

Once you’ve devised scales according to which you can measure your performance, it becomes easier to identify inefficiencies and their causes. Data mining can fundamentally help you become a highly efficient service provider.

3. Preparing For Future Business Contingencies

The business environment constantly evolving. With a stream of data constantly at your disposal, you can prepare failsafe strategies against potentially unfortunate events and prepare for any unforeseen circumstance that might threaten your commercial success.

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