3 Ways You’re Leaving Money On The Table—And How To Stop

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Business and entrepreneurship come with learning curves. You’re not perfect at everything the day you start—and it can take years for you to how to do things right when it comes to finances. Often times, this learning curve could mean losses—of all ranges.

There are so many ways the money trickles out of your hand. Ways you might not even be aware of. To help you cut these losses, and maximize your profits, here are three ways that you’re probably leaving money on the table—and how to stop doing it.

Competing For Business At The Cost Of Your Rates

One of the main ways you work yourself out of money, is competing for the business at the lowest rates. This is probably the mistake every entrepreneur or new company makes. When it comes to operations and running your business, here’s what you need to remember: never compete your competition to be the lowest-priced service provider.

If you’re getting caught up in the ‘lower your rates’ strategy just to attract and close clients, you’re establishing your business as one that caters to low-budget clients and this might cost you a lot of money in the future.

Not Focusing On The Right Issues

A business is not just a money-making machine. It is an ally to its customers. It needs to intimately know, recognize and strive to solve the problem their target audiences face. Sure, you might have a remarkable product or a very useful service overall—but ask yourself, is it really focused on your particular audience?

Having a clever solution to a problem isn’t enough. Your solution must be solving a problem that is troubling your customers. If your product or services aren’t helping your target audience, you’re probably leaving a lot of money on the table.

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Unclear Communication

One of the most important ways to convert visitors into clients is to make sure that your brand does the talking for you. If your brand communication is unclear, and your clients don’t understand your services or their purpose, they might not want to explore them further or establish contact.

To increase conversions, make sure you are communicating your message clearly and are focused more on your customers than the brand.

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