4 Things To Look For In A Tax Preparation Service Provider

Managing a business is hard enough, and doing your business’s taxes can make it even harder.

However, hiring a tax preparation service provider can relieve some burden off your shoulders. But one of the biggest issues with hiring a tax preparation service is that it’s hard to find a reliable one that’s qualified enough to handle your business’s tax filing requirements.

Keep reading this blog to learn about what you should look out for when selecting a tax preparation service provider.

1.      Does The Service Provider Have A Preparer Tax Identification Number?

The Internal Revenue Service requires any organization or person who wants to offer tax preparation services to have a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN). Having this number is a sign that the tax preparer is authentic and qualified to extend their services.

Also, make sure to ask the tax preparer to mention their PTIN on the tax returns they’ll be filing on your behalf, as that’s an important IRS requirement.

2.      Try To Find Someone Who’s Okay With E-Filing

If the tax preparation service provider doesn’t offer e-filing, it can be an indicator that they aren’t up to date with tax regulations and aren’t qualified enough to deal with your business’s taxes.

3.      Make Sure That The Tax Preparer Has Proper Certifications

Getting your hands on a PTIN isn’t that hard, so make sure that your tax preparer is legit by checking if they have proper credentials.

Some of these credentials include being a certified public accountant, an enrolled agent, a licensed attorney, or someone who has successfully completed the Annual Filing Season program by the IRS.

Having these credentials means that the tax preparer has studied thoroughly and knows how to file taxes correctly. These certifications are also a sign that the tax preparer is not a fraud.

a tax service provider talking to a client

4.      The Service Provider Should Understand Your Requirements

Every business is different and has varying tax requirements. It’s a tax preparer’s job to understand your business model and operations and file taxes accordingly to avoid mistakes and overpaying taxes.

Make sure that the tax preparation service provider has clearly understood your requirements to avoid delays and unnecessary mistakes.

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