5 Features Every E-commerce Website Should Have


E-commerce can be a challenge since you don’t have a physical store to display your products or services. The ticket to successful e-commerce is having a site that looks pleasing to the eye and is easy for customers to navigate. Custom software development companies such as 3Alpha can help you create an e-commerce site that will stand out from the competition and bring you more business even when you don’t have a physical store.

What Features Do E-commerce Sites Need?

E-commerce sites need these five features to be successful:

  • Optimal functionality
  • Navigation
  • Good design
  • Product descriptions
  • Good reporting

Let’s go into more detail and explain why you need each of these features.

Optimal Functionality

software-development-companies-shoppingWhen it comes to e-commerce websites, having optimal functionality is key. Customers want to easily navigate the site and complete transactions quickly and efficiently. Having a well-designed and user-friendly checkout process is crucial.


Navigation is also a critical component of a successful e-commerce site. Shoppers should be able to find items quickly and easily. A robust search function makes it easier for customers to locate specific products, increasing the chances of a sale. A good navigation system must be intuitive and comprehensive, allowing users to filter and sort items based on various criteria.

Good Design

Good design is crucial for any e-commerce site. Not only does an attractive design make your site more appealing to users, but it can also help establish and reinforce your brand identity. Additionally, a well-designed website can help build trust with your customers and make them feel more at ease when making purchases.

Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are another critical area where your site needs to excel. Customers rely on product descriptions to help them make informed decisions about their purchases. Therefore, descriptions must be detailed and accurate, highlighting the products’ unique features and benefits. Incorporating customer reviews and ratings can also provide additional information and build trust with potential buyers.

Good Reporting

software-development-companies-reportsFinally, good reporting is essential for a successful e-commerce site. Tracking important metrics such as sales data, conversion rates, and traffic volume provides valuable insights into how your site is performing. It also points out where improvements can be made. This data can help you identify areas of your business that need attention, improving the overall operation of your e-commerce site. Though the customers don’t see this part of the site, they will see the improvements you make based on the reports.

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