7 Ways You Can Maximize Productivity

Managers evaluating their company’s high profits

Are your employees unable to tackle tasks with a good attitude? Do you feel doom and gloom when you walk into your office? Have employees been complaining about a lack of motivation? Then you’re in the right place!

While it may sound cliché, positive employee attitude is the key to your business’s success. Even the best talent fades away if the forces of a dull work environment overcome it.

Continue reading to learn about seven effective strategies to turn your stagnant workplace into a productivity powerhouse!

1. Employee Engagement—the Key Ingredient

Happy and driven co-workers discussing in the office

Employee-engagement initiatives impact productivity and boost employee satisfaction. For over two decades, the number of disengaged workers has escalated by 70%; this has led to an alarming $11 billion worth in staff turnover.

It’s important to measure different engagement drivers regularly, evaluate KPIs, and survey your workforce every quarter to leverage employee engagement as a springboard for success.

2. Collaborative Technology

If this isn’t a reality in your office, start planning to invest right away! Secure apps, cloud technology, seamless Wi-Fi, and VPN services are essential for employees to stay on top of their productivity games.

3. Offer Autonomy

Allowing employees to shape their work environment and schedules helps them perform to the best of their abilities. Some managers confuse autonomy with self-acclamation and authority-breach, but it’s about building trust, creating boundaries, and offering your people a cohesive work environment.

4. Ensure Clear Communication

Communication is the key to success—and a great way to enhance employee productivity. Stay vocal and clear about the company’s future planning, goals, aims, and the strategies that’ll be implemented to achieve preset objectives—keeping your employees in the loop boosts inclusiveness and motivation.

5. Incorporate Remote Work

The various studies and surveys conducted during the WFH period revealed that a significant number of employees feel they’re more productive working remotely. As a result, businesses are considering adding this option to their permanent policy.

Allowing workers to work from remote locations drives results by reducing absenteeism and boosting work rates.

6. Outsource Humdrum & Monotonous Tasks

Hiring third-party, talented individuals to perform tasks like accounting, bookkeeping, payroll management, etc. allows in-house employees to stay more project-focused.

Moreover, outsourcing labor-intensive tasks may help your business reduce up to 70% of total operational costs! Do we need to say more?

7. Give Feedback & Praise

According to a recent LinkedIn survey, more than 75% of employees said that acknowledgment reduces employee mistakes, enhances productivity, and boosts efficiency. Even managers who received feedback on their strengths contributed to almost 8.9% higher profitability.

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