AR and Digitization: The Post-COVID Future of the Construction Industry, Explained

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While the construction industry definitely took a hit during the pandemic, home buyers were still pretty busy throughout the course of the year—and we can safely assume that business is going to be even more aggressive next year.

The reason is simple enough: people had to put their home buying, real estate investment, and property construction plans on hold this year. That won’t be the case in 2021.

The Need for New Spaces

From markets to schools and universities to offices, there’s no shortage of projects out there. Bigger—or, at least, better regulated—spaces are always needed.

Moreover, existing buildings often need to be modified or added units to based on the buyer’s needs. Couple with the unique circumstances the pandemic has created—the need for quarantine rooms, etc., and we’re looking at a real estate boom.

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Building Hospitals

Among the many things the COVID debacle taught us, we learned that the world doesn’t have enough hospitals. As late as November—when the threat was well-known and well-spread—hospital ICUs were running out of space. One in eight US hospitals ran out of space in their ICUs. Some said we had crossed the “hospital breaking point.”

This means, of course, that the construction industry is about to get their hands very busy. There were questions, already, about whether or not we could build hospitals in a matter of days—China did. And the construction of temporary hospitals saw an uptick.

How AR and Digitization will Help

We need spaces that can accommodate physical distancing—along with great ventilation—more than ever.

And we simply can’t cope with the high rate of consumer demand unless we’re working at ten times our original capacity—or unless we’re utilizing AR and digitization to come up with streamlined floorplans, advertise new units, improve building structures, propose modifications, and so on.

AR and digitization will do more than enable contractors to work remotely. They will help streamline construction work, make it easier and simpler, reduce risks and cut costs, and ensure stability. For an industry that’s going to be overburdened with work soon, this is good news.

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