Benefits of Outsourcing Your Company’s CAD Services: Part 2

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Taking up from where we left off, timely project delivery is not where the list of benefits end. Outsourcing is emerging as an industry trend and the smartest business players are the one setting it. This is a testament to the profits that outsourcing has accrued to businesses all across.

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Progress Beyond Work Hours

As an employer, you have to prioritize the wellbeing of your employees and honor the contract of agreement signed at the time of recruitment. This means that no employee will be asked to work beyond their shift hours. However, a standard 40-hour week is not enough to complete projects that need to go out soon.

Your team of CAD engineers has a lot on their plate besides the project deliverables. From routine tasks to answering management calls, their attention and time are divided across many responsibilities. What you need is a 24/7 working model that doesn’t violate the decorum of your organization.

Outsourcing is the answer to that. Your third-party consultants will prioritize your project above all else. Working distantly, they do not require your office facilities or space; they’re free to be utilized for other jobs. Your outsourcing partners can schedule their tasks at their own pace and ensure that the needful is delivered on time.

Risk Management

Hiring third-party consultants on a per-project basis allows you to share the responsibility of the project with them. If anything goes wrong, the outsourcing consultants will share the blame with you. It’s also standard procedure for the consultants to offer some risk mitigation in the event that things don’t go as planned.

You can also manage the risk by partnering with more than one consultant at the same time. This will cost you less than hiring a specialist in your team full time and divide the risk.

With a few individuals working on the same project concurrently, there are fewer errors as the content can be revised multiple times before submitting it. They can share and divide the responsibilities and take up portions of the work that they know best. This is an excellent way to keep the quality high and risks low!

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Lower Costs

Last but not least, outsourcing a project offers the best value for money. A study reported that the average cost of hiring one employee ranges from $4000 to $7000. That’s an immense expense!

And then you may hire an in-house employee but there’s no guarantee that they’ll be able to live up to your expectations. However, according to your contract, you’re bound to keep them for a certain period and that’s an added financial burden.

You can shop for third-party CAD service providers in the industry and get the best price for high quality services. The cost is relatively a fraction of hiring a full-time member on the team. You also save up on employee benefits such as medical insurance, leaves, and bonuses. There’s no better way to cut costs without compromising on quality than outsourcing.

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