Benefits of Using Specialized CAD Drafting Services Over Manual Drawing

A construction drawing on white printer paper made using manual drafting method

CAD or Computer-Aided Design Drafting has become a significant communication source in the Architects, Engineers, and Contractors (AEC) Industry.

Before the arrival of Computer-Aided Design, the primary method for creating structures was drawing using a sketch pencil or a marker.

This traditional manual drafting technique was repetitive because the draftsmen would have to draw repeatedly from scratch should an error occur. Subsequently, it would take more time too.

However, CAD Drafting has now taken over manual drafting methods because of all the right reasons. Ahead, we’ve rounded up three benefits of using CAD Drafting that makes it better than the latter.

Easy Storage and Accessibility

You don’t need to file your CAD draft in a folder and keep it safe in a cabinet, like manual drafts. CAD Drafting allows you to store the CAD on a computer server and access it anytime you want. You can continue drafting from where you last left your Computer-Aided Design using a stable internet connection.

Your chances of losing and damaging a document are higher in manual drafting. Additionally, CAD drafting is a more eco-friendly method of creating designs.

Virtual Representation of Structures With 3D Illustration

A virtual structure representation of an under-construction house with 3D footage

3D illustrations are an excellent way of representing structures for engineers, architects, and contractors.  

Though it’s possible to manually create a 3D structure, it will take more time, and the results won’t be as flawless as a 3D structure designed by the latest CAD software. CAD software will make your 3D structures appear more realistic and facilitate the visualization process.

It’s important to note that architecture 3D modeling, 3D animation walkthroughs, and other visualizations will require drafters with unique skill sets and the latest CAD software. To save your costs of hiring and purchasing new software, it’s recommended to outsource CAD drafting to a reliable visualization service provider.

Hassle-Free Revisions

While drafting a structure manually on a paper, you may have to use the eraser frequently for any errors or if the client asks for any changes. Erasing and re-extracting structures with the right measurements can be very time consuming and frustrating. It also increases your chance of making errors.

On the other hand, CAD drafting makes it easier to make numerous changes and modifications with the help of advanced editing tools. Just a few clicks here and there, and you’re good to go.

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