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    Data Digitization Services By 3Alpha

    Managing paperwork and paper records can significantly slow down business operations. Sometimes even tech upgrades require data conversions which can take up significantly large amounts of time. 3Alpha offers a comprehensive range of data digitization services to improve service provision speeds, facilitate tech upgrades and help you become a faster, much more efficient services provider. We offer a comprehensive range of data digitization serivces.

    What Are Our Data Digitization Services?

    Our teams have worked with clients from diverse industries to help convert their data into digital forms. Our services include:

    • Data entry
    • Data Conversion
    • Data Processing
    • Data mining
    • OCR Services
    • Document Scanning
    • Document Indexing
    Financial Analysis

    Specialist Data Entry Services for e-Commerce Serviecs Providers

    Our teams specialize in data entry for e-commerce services providers to help bring your records on to digital media and maintain business information databases for easy access and accurate business analytics.

    • Sourcing product details
    • Adding product images
    • Inserting SEO friendly meta-tags
    • Product cataloguing and categorization
    • Back office support

    Data Conversion for business strategizing, services provision and analytics

    We will convert your paperwork into well-organized databases. With our efforts, we improve information flows throughout your organization and create clean data sources ready for analysis, recall and strategizing.

    Data Mining Services for Marketing and Financial Purposes

    Our team of data scientists is well-versed in data mining skills to help provide you with the information you need to make better business decisions. With complex website scraping and data mining techniques, we furnish you with all the information you need for marketing, finance and business strategy development purposes.

    Extensive Document Scanning and Indexing

    Converting paperwork into digital documents and data indexing is a painstaking and time consuming exercise. We expedite document scanning projects and organize data into indexes for convenient recall and review.

    Specializations Spanning Across Multiple Industries

    3Alpha has worked as a data management company for clients from numerous industries, including the oil and gas industry, real estate, recruitment agencies, educational institutions and many more.

    Get in Touch with 3Alpha LLC

    Email us today at info@3alphallc.com for more information on our services.