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Data Mining


Data Mining of Contacts

Public relations and networking are a key component of a successful business strategy. Collecting contacts, however, is a tedious job that requires a fair bit of time and effort—unless you know how to speed up the data collection processes. Our data mining experts use data scraping methodologies to devise algorithms that automate contact data collection from across the internet.

Data Mining of Products

Competitor analysis is essential for commercial success. We collect data on competitor products for marketing research purpose, and deliver detailed reports that describe what industry trends look like. With our service, you can reduce a significant amount of time involved in data collection for the purposes of your market research.

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Data Mining From Online Sources

Data mining from online sources requires technical expertise. It’s a really simple task if your know how online databases work and the ways through which you can collect data from websites and online sources within short time spans. Our computer scientists and data mining specialists conduct a thorough sweep of your potential data sources to make sure that we deliver relevant information to you as soon as possible. Whether you need contacts, pricing information or product data, we can gather all of it.

Innovative Data Mining Strategies

We use some of the most innovating data mining strategies to expedite the process of collecting and presenting data relevant to your needs. We work with some of the most talented data mining specialists in the industry to help with your business activities.

Detailed Data Reports

In addition to collecting data, we also present detailed data reports to help understand underlying data structures such as mean values, any outliers, while also summarizing and categorizing the data for easy comprehension.

Improving Business Efficacy

As we keep providing you with a steady stream of data, relevant to your business requirements you will notice that your business decisions become much more effective. We find the right contacts, collect extensive data and information and process it to help you become a better organization.

Extensive Data Management and Accounting Services

Besides offering data mining services, 3Alpha also offers clients other data management services including data conversions, data processing, data mining, OCR services and much more.

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