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Data Processing Services By 3Alpha

Raw data is of absolutely no use when you’re trying to use it to facilitate your business processes. You need contextualized data, processed into forms suitable for statistical and business analysis. 3Alpha offers data processing services to help organize, clean and deliver data ready to be used to analyze and strategize business activities. Our teams of data scientists will take your inputs and deliver relevant data within a few days of your sending it to us.

Mailing List Compilation Services

Whether it’s for your newsletter or regular correspondence, we can create well-organized mailing lists to improve your communications processes. We categorize, organize and streamline your contacts lists to make it easier for you to communicate with the relevant people.

Data Cleansing Services

To help improve analytic accuracy, we clean out your data sets and deliver a final data set suitable for analysis. We put your inputs through a thorough treatment process so you can just plug it in and derive relevant insights.

Data Deduplication

Repeated observations can skew your findings to present inaccurate conclusions. As part of our data cleansing processes we also conduct thorough data deduplication.

Image Processing Services

To help create digital copies of any needed images, we also process images to create formats that are suitable for your use.

Before meaningful ideas and information can be extracted from it, data needs to go through processing and cleaning through various suites. From removing outliers to getting rid of grain, it’s essential to have it in the best form to get the most of it without any anomalies or errors. Businesses are relying on data cleansing, data processing, and image processing services respectively for their needs.

They offer convenient services at a low cost to help streamline business processes.

Serving Data Needs Across Industries

We serve businesses in various industries, managing data requirements for ecommerce, education/universities, oil and gas, law firms and real estate sectors. We’ve completed many projects with clients to develop long-term commercial relationships.

Expedited Data Processing

We speed up data processing owing to our expertise in data science and data cleansing. We work with some of the best data scientists to expedite your data processing needs to deliver flawless data sets.

Improving Communications Efficacy

We use the most innovative data management techniques to organize your contacts in ways that makes communications easy. With our mailing lists, you can send out mass emails and specific emails alike to anyone you like.

Extensive Data Management and Accounting Services

Besides offering data processing services, 3Alpha also offers clients other data management services including data conversions, data mining, OCR services and much more.

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