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OCR of Books

3Alpha also offers Optical Character Recognition services to help convert your hardcopy documents into editable formats. This makes it easier for you to make changes to your documents, to create new copies with less hassle than before. Additionally, with these new digital copies, you can free up physical space and help improve workflows, make data access much more easier throughout your organizations and make dissemination easier.

OCR of Manuals/Catalogs

You really can’t make updates on your manuals and catalogs if you have them in hard copies. We can convert these documents into editable formats so that you can continuously keep updating them and improving them as and when you see fit. This will also make it easier to transmit educational data and information throughout your institutions while reducing the costs associated with the logistical management of these documents.

OCR of Directories

We also offer OCR of directories to make contact management much easier. It’s faster to work with digital directories because locating contact information is easier, you can edit them if contact information ever changes and manipulate or transform the data in ways that is conducive to effective business functioning. We dedicate entire teams to quickly create digital databases of directories to help improve your organizational performance.

100+ Successful Projects

We have helped clients from across a wide range of industries convert their documents into digital formats according to their needs. Our portfolio includes clients from the oil and gas sector, education, real estate, HR companies and many others.

Expedited OCR Project Completion

We complete your conversions well within stipulated timelines to ensure that we deliver your editable formats to you as soon as possible. We realize that data drives your business decisions and we expedite all projects to make sure you’re not left stranded without any information.

Helping You Become a Cleaner and Eco-Friendly Organization

Paper waste is a major environmental concern and pen/paper is just inefficient. We eliminate the need for paperwork by creating digital versions of your books, manuals, catalogs and directories to reduce your carbon footprints and make you more efficient

Extensive Data Management and Accounting Services

Besides offering OCR services, 3Alpha also offers clients other data management services including data conversions, data processing, data mining, Accounting Services and much more.

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