Data is the New Gold—Are You Mining it Yet?

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Turning data into useful information isn’t exactly a new practice—but it is still underrated and underused. We continue to undermine the true worth of how data mining can work in smaller spheres: offices, businesses, future planning, budgeting, product development, and so on.

This blog aims to educate you on how you can do just that.

How Data Mining Works

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Data is everywhere: it’s in the newsletter submissions you receive from website visitors, in the number of times they visit your page, in the products they frequently purchase and ask about, and so on.

This data, when collected in large batches, and used with the right software, can be used to analyze patterns and document them. Sometimes, you need more than one piece of software for the purpose. Data collection, together with data processing, gives you a powerful combination of predictive data that can help you develop better products and discontinue bad ones, improve user experience, and so on.

Predicting Outcomes

20% of all businesses fail in their first year of operation—30% of them fail in the second year, and 70% of them fail by the time they get to their tenth year of operation. This is alarming.

While the causes behind these failures are varying, there’s one thing successful businesses do that makes them stand apart: they plan, prepare, prevent, and predict—although not always in that order.


With the help of data mining, you can identify correlations and patterns—as well as anomalies—in large swathes of data, helping you:

  • Cut costs
  • Minimize risks
  • Improve user experience and relations
  • Generate better revenue

Once you have the right software in your arsenal, you’ll develop an understanding of what your customers like, dislike, and seek. Based on these observations, you can proceed to…


Next comes planning, which, with the help of the data available to you, becomes a far easier task. You can easily design websites, devise content, develop products and deliver services which you know your customer will be interested in with the right metrics.


Now you have the data and you’re making all the due changes—but it doesn’t stop here. You need to continue analyzing, observing, identifying, and making intelligent deductions along the way. Is there a dip in sales? A hike in profits? Why and why not? These findings will continue to help you prepare your next batch of products, services, and website updates, which ultimately helps you…


Data mining is crucial in terms of preventing failure since it tells you which areas to avoid, which audience to target, and which product to continue.

Interested in Data Mining for Your Business?

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