Data Mining vs. Predictive Analytics: Major Differences

Both predictive analysis and data mining can help businesses transform large volumes of customer data into actionable intelligence. However, there are some key differences between the two. Let’s look at some of them.

Understanding the Two Terms

Predictive analysis is a technique that analyzes available data to predict a company’s future behavior. By identifying past patterns and correlations, it allows a business to plan according to expected future outcomes. For instance, with the help of predictive analysis, you can develop ways to target your marketing efforts towards individuals who are more likely to become potential customers in the coming months.

Data mining uses algorithms that derive new information and relationships from existing data. After the data has been mined, predictive modeling is often used for further analysis. In other words, both leverage insights from existing relationships and correlations in a way that helps make informed business decisions.

What is the Difference?

One of the biggest differences is that predictive analysis focuses on one particular item or event and the likelihood of its occurrence. On the other hand, data mining looks for patterns across all the data in a given field.

For example, if you’re trying to identify which individuals are most likely to respond to a direct mail campaign, you could use predictive analysis to determine the factors associated with increased response rates.

In contrast, data mining takes into account all factors related to your target audience and searches to develop correlations with the response rate. The latter also identifies the key variables that contribute to overall response rates so that you don’t overlook important information later on in your campaign.

Similarly, if you want to analyze your sales data from last year, predictive analysis can help you predict which customers will most likely buy a particular product. This can help you plan your campaign accordingly.

 However, data mining will take into account the entire sales data and determine which products performed well in a particular time frame. The latter allows you to determine which products are performing better in the market.


Your marketing team will have different goals at different times. Both data mining, as well as predictive analysis are important for your business. However, to benefit from both techniques, make sure you have a team of professionals who understand how these things work.

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