Document Indexing: Why You Need It In 2023

A pile of physical documents

Document indexing is a way to tag scanned documents and make it easier for people to search for information. A document management system composed of indexed documents can streamline security and privacy by allowing you to control which users have access to which documents. Document indexing also gives businesses other benefits that come with digitization.

At 3Alpha, we’re a team of digitization experts dedicated to making transformation easier for businesses of all sizes. Our document scanning, optical character recognition, and document indexing services can help you completely digitize your company cost-effectively and without disruptions. We also offer eCommerce data entry services in California, New York, and Florida.

Here are three reasons you need document indexing services in 2023.

1- Physical Documents May Sound Good On Paper…

If you’ve been in business for a long time, you may be opposed to digitizing your documents. You can access physical documents without relying on any electronic devices—but that’s the only limitation of digital documents. Digital documents can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, or prevented from being accessed by anyone anywhere. If you’re unsure, document scanning and indexing won’t destroy your physical copies. What do you have to lose?

2- Retrieving Relevant Documents At The Touch of A Button

Once your documents have been properly indexed, you will be able to access any information you need at the touch of a button. You just have to know which keywords, terms, and symbols to use, and your document management system will fetch the right files for you.

3- Brick and Mortar Business Are A Thing of The Past

Keeping physical documents may be useful in small businesses, but what if you have multiple branches? Do you keep multiple copies of documents you want to keep classified? What about if your employees are working from home? Digital documents will continue to prove useful as we move farther away from brick-and-mortar businesses. Now is the time for digital transformation.

Person looking up documents on a computerDigitize Your Documents Securely With 3Alpha

3Alpha offers a wide range of digital services to streamline your business process and allow you compete in the digital age. Our document indexing services are trusted by businesses in Texas, California, New Jersey, Illinois, Florida, and other states across the US.

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