Hiring the Right Accountant for Your Business – A Complete Guide


You can get a complete package of effective business advice and access to various financial services by hiring an accounting service. However, different kinds of businesses require different kinds of accountants. If you’re confused about hiring an accountant for your business, we’re here to help.

This blog discusses some factors you can follow that would help you make the final choice of hiring an accountant.

1- Ask in Your Social Circle

Nothing speaks more about a service than people recommending it to other people. Before beginning your search for an accountant, you should ask your colleagues or other company owners for suggestions. Through this way, you would have a complete list of accountants that you can later consult.

However, it’s important to remember that an accountant performing well in another industry might not perform well in your domain. Follow the suggestions of people that have the same industry as you. If you’re running a small business that provides tech solutions, only consider accountant recommendations that have worked with either small businesses, tech businesses, or both.

2- Conduct Research

After receiving suggestions, you would try to hire one of them. But, this is not the right way! You should always do your due diligence while researching an accounting service. If you’re interested in hiring an accountant or accounting firm, you should check their status on the CPA society of your state. The CPA society lists all the accountants that have been examined and certified by The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. The state has vetted these accountants, so you’re safe to go forward and hire any of them.

You can also look for fiduciary accountants. These accountants are client-centric and would try their best to align with your business requirements. You can also look for accountants through The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors. This platform holds information about personal financial advisors that work on meeting their client’s needs. The Internal Revenue Service also has a list of accountants that specifically work on filing federal tax.

3- Proper Communication and Ethics

If you want to hire the right accountant, you should always ask them a few questions at the start. Proper communication will save you a lot of time and money in the future. All the extensive questions that you ask a candidate while hiring them will also apply here. However, explain the working of your company first before moving to the questioning part. Discuss the industry you work in, your employees, your sales, and your budget.

Also, ask questions like their preferred payment method, communication style, and experience in your domain. You should also ensure that you’re hiring an accounting service that takes ethical guidelines very seriously. If they are lying about their credentials or clients, hiring them is a huge no!


Hiring the right accountant can help you save time and avoid major costly mistakes. Without a professional accounting service, you might not make good financial decisions. At 3Alpha LLC, our accounting bookkeeping service help businesses keep their accounting records up to date.

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