Mobile Website vs. Mobile Application – What’s Better for Your Business?


The world has converged into our phones, with smartphones and tablets accounting for the lion’s share of internet traffic in many countries. That’s why many businesses try to ensure their online presence on mobile screens. But what’s the best way to go about it? Is having a mobile-friendly website enough, or does your business need an app? Let’s find out.

The Mobile Website


  • The mobile website is the most accessible and affordable routeto market. It’s also more flexible than an app and can be used to build awareness of your brand by providing visitors with valuable content, such as information about products or services, useful links, or a call-to-action.
  • The mobile website doesn’t require any specialized skill to develop. If you have some basic web development knowledge, you can create one yourself, making it the obvious choice for businesses on a budget.


  • Compared to a native app, changes made to the code of a mobile website affect all its visitors, whereas updating an app only affects users when they re-download or upload it.
  • Another downside is that you might not be able to offer your visitors any extra features supported by Apple or Google devices (e.g., business subscriptions).


The Mobile Application


  • Mobile apps can be used to build brand awarenessand promote a product or a service using highly engaging features such as e-wallets, pop-up notifications, etc., which offer a more engaging user experience.
  • It’s a very cost-effective way for you to market your product and increase the clientele through subscriptions and constant advertisement, as well as providing a more personalized experience.


  • As previously mentioned, updates to the code of an app only affect the users’ devices when they re-download it. However, this is often overlooked by business owners who allow their apps to be updated by third parties, which could lead to malfunctioning features or potentially losing all of your customers’ data.

Whether you should go for a mobile website or an app depends entirely on your business model. In some cases, you may need both. At 3Alpha LLC, our experts can guide you and design the perfect mobile solution for your business.

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