Moving Into 2021: Here’s What You Should Know About BIM Services

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When it comes to designing buildings, effective collaboration and communication are essential to ensure the best outcome.

Previously, we relied on complex 2D design software, often leading to a communication gap between designers and stakeholders. However, the availability of advanced technological solutions like Building Information Modeling (BIM)services has bridged this gap and paved the way for a better, more streamlined design process.

Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling is an excellent way to develop and streamline the design and documentation for construction projects. It allows architects and construction professionals to create and manage complete digital representations of buildings and infrastructure. It’s a shared knowledge resource that provides a holistic view of the complete design. It helps reduce the risk of miscommunications and results in better collaboration and communication.

Do you want to learn how about how BIM can help your business? We can help! Here are some essential benefits of this model that you should know:

Three-dimensional results

2D CAD drawings have become a thing of the past. These complicated and time-consuming models provided a basic sketch of construction designs, leaving most parts up to the imagination. BIM services provide a three-dimensional, realistic view that allows better space planning and provides a greater overview of the results.

An architect using a MacBook Pro to create designs

Better collaboration

From architects and designers to clients and stakeholders, BIM services allow everyone to remain informed about the project’s development. A detailed, 3D model of the building enables visualizing the project, facilitating discussion during the initial planning stage of the project to identify issues and resolve conflicts.

Expedited design phase

BIM is an efficient tool that allows faster preparation of project estimations, including material and labor requirements. Contractors can analyze the model to identify the resources needed to get the job done. Hiring BIM services can maximize efficiency and cut down the project timeline, saving business time and money.

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Higher building efficiency

Using BIM data, architects and designers can build more efficient buildings, both in terms of space and energy performance levels. It provides realistic details about expected energy consumption under different scenarios that allow contractors to make amendments to maximize energy efficiency and ensure compliance with the applicable codes.

Data-Driven, Real-Time Design

Using BIM services simplify the operations. You can make changes in the design, and all the other calculations will automatically be completed. For instance, if you plan to reduce rooms by three feet, the software will automatically calculate how many resources you’ll save. The data-driven, real-time design provides greater flexibility and makes the design process more efficient.

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