We have worked with 3Alpha for more than 15 years. They have been extremely dependable for all of our data entry projects. I would highly recommend them. - HT Pham

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Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC)

Cutting-edge innovations in technological ecosystems require those part of the Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) industry to evolve to stay above the competition. One such next-generation tool to enhance the planning, designing and building processes in the AEC industry is Building Information Modeling (BIM). It’s a process for illustrating information regarding a holistic project lifecycle. BIM incorporates input at various key stages of the project and enables those involved in the building process to optimize their actions way before the construction commences.

3Alpha houses a team of professionals with extensive experience in delivering collaborative BIM solutions to clients from a wide range of industries worldwide. Our team possesses the latest technical expertise and adept knowledge about norms, industry standards, and building codes across the globe. We have hands-on experience of working with small, medium, and large-scale projects, may they concern residential properties, hospitality, retail, institutions, or commercial projects.

Team 3Alpha works

Team 3Alpha works with competent personnel certified to offer interior designers, architects, BIM technicians, and engineers. They are trained to provide an unparalleled and comprehensive range of services for structural, architectural, and HVAC or MEP domains. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Analysis for BIM creation
  • Content preparation for BIM
  • Virtual building model
  • Integration of all services
  • Clash detection
  • Onshore and offshore transition support from CAD to BIM

Why outsource BIM services?

  • Outsourcing BIM services have multiple benefits for the AEC professionals, such as:
  • Faster range of completion at a much lower cost
  • Clients can gain a competitive edge due to minimal prices and top-notch quality outcomes.
  • Our experts ensure to stay updated with the latest industry trends to ensure the provision of the best suitable solutions to clients worldwide.
  • Deliverance of accurate and precise architectural drawings after thoroughly understanding the client’s design intent through CAD information, sketches, write-ups, and markups that can be converted to CAD.
  • We ensure our clients receive real-time updates of the project’s progress with an in-house quality assurance team and open communication channels.

Get in Touch with 3Alpha LLC

Email us today at info@3alphallc.com for more information on our services.

Why Outsource CAD drafting services?

With extensive experience in architectural visualization services, team 3Alpha understands the concerns and needs of every client. We ensure to focus on every stage of the construction process, from design to documentation and all the way through completion. When clients opt for CAD drafting services by 3Alpha, they can achieve:

  • Creation of high-performing, premium quality infrastructure and building designs with detailed conceptions.
  • Optimization of projects with generative design, integrated analysis, and enhanced outcomes using simulation and visualization tools.
  • Improved predictability as we use tools that maximize project coordination and enhance constructability
  • Accelerated design processes with integrated workflows and improved CDs, coordination, models, design concepts, and more.

Team 3Alpha is adept at handling an extensive range of architectural drawing and documentation needs for various projects within the AEC industry. Our repertoire of engineering services has been built from scratch in accordance with the vast skills possessed by our team to complete a multitude of tasks efficiently over the years. Our comprehensive services include:Our BIM services include BIM content creation, BIM for analysis, BIM structural modeling, and clash detection. The CAD Documentation services include DD, SD, CD, conversion from pdfs or paper, and as-built drawings. We also offer 3D rendering, fabrication drawings, structural steel detailing, and other steel detailing services.

By letting team 3Alpha handle our projects, you can focus on winning more work for your business, improve operational efficiency, and deliver more sustainable projects that exceed performance requirements while mitigating risks.

Get in touch with us to learn more about outsourcing your project. We ensure the deliverance of our promise of timely delivery, reliability, and cost savings.

Get in Touch with 3Alpha LLC

Email us today at info@3alphallc.com for more information on our services.