We have worked with 3Alpha for more than 15 years. They have been extremely dependable for all of our data entry projects. I would highly recommend them. - HT Pham

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BPO, ESO & FPO services for Energy and Utilities Industry

There’s a lot at stake for companies operating in the energy and utility sector. Not only do they need to provide high-quality services to the clients at competitive rates, but they also need to remain compliant with industry standards and legal requirements.

Digitization gives rise to multiple opportunities within the energy and utility industry and provides a competitive edge to companies looking to gain benefits along the dimensions of value, reduced costs, enhances customer experience, and improved productivity.

Utility and energy companies face several documentation challenges in various functions, such as production, exploration, support services, refining, marketing, contract management, and more. The first step towards success is eliminating traditional barriers and functional silos to achieve efficiency and transparency. Team 3Alpha can help:

  • Identify all available credible data sources across the company and determine the format of datasets that exists, their accuracy, whether it’s paper-based or electronic, data conversion needs, and more.
  • Mapping all relevant data for accurate analysis after data cleaning as per the needs of the organization.
  • Cleansing the data to ensure accuracy and consistency in values after identifying datasets
  • Consolidating data sources to a centralized system for an easy authorization retrieval of the treated data while ensuring optimal data security.

Outsourcing data capturing services to 3Alpha offers a lot more than just streamlined data management. Since energy and utility businesses are prone to processing various documents daily, from service letters to bills, they typically have a colossal amount of data that needs to be processed daily. Our team helps process the data with precise accuracy while subsequently filing them in an easily accessible way which saves storage space, time management, and overall costs.

Maximized Process Efficiency With Precise Documentation

Whether it’s bill processing or documents containing information about clients, there is an emerging need for high-volume document processing to adapt to today’s high demand efficiently. 3Alpha is fully equipped to process a high volume of documents with premium document scanners and barcode tracking systems so that utility and energy organizations can track the location of the documents and monitor the progress of multiple projects at any given time.

3Alpha offers comprehensive services for hard copy and digitized document storage retrievals as our team understands that sometimes hard copy storage is critical to storing and securing information. We also help responsibly dispose of any unwanted documents. Our document imaging services enable metadata from documents and invoices to become immediately searchable, which helps enhance the current provision of services to customers.

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Powering You Forward With A Streamlined Approach To Reliable Accounting And Bookkeeping Services

Energy and utility companies are continually hit with the ever-evolving financial and accounting reporting guidelines from the government. Team 3Alpha understands that many different aspects of the business need to be considered within the paradigm of financial reporting, such as government grants, equipment costs, and more. We offer outsourcing of accounting services by experienced individuals who can help streamline your approach to accounting while ensuring regulatory processes are consistently appropriately followed. Our accounting services can help:

  • Lower administrative costs
  • Cash management control
  • Unapparelled, uninterrupted, and seamless customer service
  • Streamlines payroll, financial, and accounting functions
  • Timely local and federal tax filings
  • Better administrative control

Another critical aspect that involves finance, accounting, and overall well-being within the energy and utility industry is the role of documentation. Collection calls, accounts receivable and payable, managing invoices, and several other documents need to be processed by energy and utility providers to streamline the efficiency of the finance and accounting departments. Without proper management, critical data can get mishandled, leading to poor customer satisfaction and high monetary losses.

Consultants at 3Alpha offer exceptional custom solutions to the energy and utilities industry to solve common accounting, bookkeeping, and data digitization problems after determining what will work best for your company. The efficiency of a company’s data processing helps them operate at peak performance. Experts at 3Alpha can make that happen for your energy and utility company so that you can better serve the citizens with premium quality services at competitive industry rates.

Reach out to us to find out more about how outsourcing data digitization, accounting & bookkeeping, and engineering services to 3Alpha can help take your energy and utility business to new heights.

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