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Manufacturing Industry

The revolutionary BIM seems to be inherently associated with the AEC industry only. However, since the BIM technology has evolved and adapted exponentially over the years, it’s also widely utilized by the manufacturing industry, especially those involved in manufacturing for construction projects.

Although it highly depends on the portfolio of a building product manufacturer or other manufacturers that work with a comprehensive range of catalogs for manufactured products, BIM services can be quite impactful.

Team 3Alpha has first-hand experience dealing with a wide range of heavyweight businesses in the manufacturing industry. It’s well-equipped with the skills needed to meet the requirements of multiple manufacturers that prefer using BIM as part of the production process.

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BIM’s Scope In The Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process involves producing tangible and physical components that can be utilized by various industries as a part or whole. Although one of the most cumbersome phases of the manufacturing process, it’s critical for manufacturers looking to optimize ROI and costs. Innovative technologies, cutting-edge software, and the latest workflow methodologies have enabled the manufacturing industry to reap the benefits of a more effective and efficient production process.

Several manufacturers are shifting towards BIM by utilizing Revit in the content curation process due to its immense scope in the manufacturing industries. For manufacturers looking to use BIM solutions, the components or data must be structured with all the necessary information required to produce them. Team 3Alpha possesses the knowledge about specific parameters that the data should ideally be loaded with, such as color, material, properties, type, dimensioning, and more. They also understand that the data then needs to be converted into a format that can be manufactured conveniently.

Many firms within the manufacturing industry also use BIM content creation or BIM modeling to boost their component or product sales. With cutting-edge virtual construction modeling practices, manufacturers and product designers can sell or market standalone products or components as well. BIM enables clients to review manufactured products and understand their precise specifications before ordering them online.

Revit family creation and 3D rendered design presentations are particularly beneficial for the manufacturing industry. With the latest techniques incorporated by the manufacturing industry, certain formats can be fed to the CNC machines to manufacture a component or product precisely how it was modeled.

Manufacturers associated with the BIM-centric construction processes play a critical role in why the content supplied to these manufacturers needs to be of premium quality, detailed, accurate, precise and should entail all relevant information and parameters. It should also encompass details about the MEP components, such as wires, HVAC equipment, pipe, ducts, and more, as these components are typically manufactured prior to the installation.

In the future, there’s a high possibility that a significant number of companies will utilize BIM content creation to fulfill their manufacturing requirements to gain an edge over the competitors. The best part of outsourcing BIM to 3Alpha is that our team can inculcate the manufacturer’s requirements of particular specifications into the design intent of the model before the design’s finalization. They assist in the overall analysis process, leading to enhanced productivity and accuracy for the product designer and the manufacturer.

Typically, the product specifications are pre-approved before beginning the manufacturing process. Any issues or discrepancies in the shape, size, or other specifications are resolved and ruled out before the components get ordered. It helps make the process much more time and cost-efficient and eliminates wastage which helps stay within budgets.

When product and manufacturer data is integrated within the BIM modeling phase or during overall stages of production, it helps achieve superior ROIs with a quick turnaround time. The derived data can be used in multiple phases, from conceptualizing the model’s design to facility management and building maintenance. Further, when the manufacturer uses BIM, it’s easier to reorder the equipment, or its servicing can be managed in a much more structured way.

There are numerous advantages of using BIM, and the manufacturing industry can reap tremendous benefits to boost overall productivity, reduce timelines, and minimize costs. Reach out to us to find out more about how outsourcing CAD drafting services, BIM Services, Visualization Services, and Tekla X-Steel services to 3Alpha can help take your manufacturing business to new heights.

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