We have worked with 3Alpha for more than 15 years. They have been extremely dependable for all of our data entry projects. I would highly recommend them. - HT Pham

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The Process and Methods We Utilize to Satisfy Our Customers

At 3Alpha LLC, our team works tirelessly and around the clock, understanding your needs and requirements, providing effective and affordable solutions, implementing the project, collecting feedback, and providing top-notch customer services and continued project support and improvements.

After years of experience, we’ve devised a secure method, helping you and your company with outsourced projects so you can pay attention to other organizational competencies and find corporate success. Below are the methods we utilize, giving you the solutions and results you’re looking for.

Methods for Data Digitization Process


Single Keying

In this single keying method, the data will be keyed once by an individual or a team of data entry persons and quality assurance team does random checks for accuracy before delivering.

This method is best suitable for handwritten data entry projects and data collection from online sources.

Double Keying

In this double keying method, the data will be keyed twice by different individuals or a team of data entry persons, our quality assurance team compares both keyed data by using macros to find the discrepancies in the data.

These discrepancies are generally checked by our QC team against the original images file and are rectified accordingly, giving you accurate results, instantly.

OCR Method

While the other two methods rely on human input and checking, the OCR method is best suited for bulk processing of files that are readable by an OCR software program. When using this method, the process of capturing data is fast and accuracy will be better only if quality of the scanned document is good.

This method best suits for capturing text from books, articles, magazines that has continuous text. It can also be used to extract data from structured files like invoices, tabular data formats etc.


Cost-effective and quick turnaround time.

Assuresa much higher accuracy rate.

Faster turnaround time and much more cost-effective in comparison to the other two options. Great for bulk volume data conversions.


Increased risk of human error, hence reduced accuracy.

Requires more resources and is expensive compared to the single keying method.

Can’t process poor-quality scanned files and images.

Software programs and applications

Our team is familiar with below programs/applications.

Data Digitization