Profit, Loss And The Budget Performance Report—Why It Matters

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Time is money. We’ve all heard that one before. So how do we know that whatever steps we’re taking with our business, are worth our time or money? Sitting back at your desk and looking through an analysis report that consists of just numbers, is probably the last thing you’d want to engage in. However, a budget performance report can give you a better view of your business operations and results and give you more insight into where and how to spend most of your resources, including time and money.

A report showing your profit and loss trends will help you make informed decisions that help you improve your performance and results during the next accounting period.

Here is everything that you need to know.

Starting Simple: Here’s Why you Need To Define A Budget

According to Forbes, a study conducted at Harvard concluded that simply writing down your goals increases the chances of you accomplishing them by 82%. The same stands true for businesses. Having a written plan and budget programs your mind to work out ways to achieve those goals.

The best thing you can do for your business is to work out a budget and budget forecasts and make sure to do the calculations for both, best-case and worst-case scenarios. These will not only help you streamline your business process but will also reveal the factors that are actually working to drive the real profits.

Profit And Loss By Budget Performance Report

This report actually compares your budget forecasts, to your actual numbers over a given accounting period. This helps you see which parts of your budget applied exactly as intended, which ones outperformed, and exactly which ones didn’t do well at all. The differences are typically indicated by either percentages or dollar amounts to help you understand the difference easily.

A simple run-over on the report with your management team will give you deeper insight into the areas that need improvement and then adjust your future forecasts to overcome that issue.

Transform Variables Into Data

However, making helping you understand the differences isn’t everything that the report is good at. You can actually turn the numbers into data that can be further analyzed to direct you towards profitable decision making through methods like predictive analysis.

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