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    Project Executed

    Industry:Real Estate
    Client:Online Listing of Residential and Commercial Property for Sale and Rentals
    Project Type:Online Property Database Updating
    Duration:11 years
    Project Description:Updating client database by using the inputs available from email alerts received on daily basis. Updating Property details such as Sale & Rental details for Residential and Commercial Properties. Updating Owner contacts such as Phone Number, Email Etc.
    Project Status:Ongoing
    Services:Data Entry Services, Real Estate Data Entry, Database updation, Real Estate Data Collection, Online Database updating
    Industry:Financial Services
    Client:Independent macroeconomic research to financial market professionals
    Project Type:Data Collection by accessing client system through Remote Desktop (RDP)
    Duration:6 years
    Project Description:Data Collection (Mainly Telephone & Email ID) from contacts available in the Bloomberg Database by accessing our client system remotely. We need to connect client system through Remote access and search required data from the database and put it into the Excel Spreadsheet and send to the client.
    Project Status:Ongoing
    Services:Data Entry Services, Online Data collection, Database updation, Data collection through RDP, Contacts Data Entry
    Industry:Logistics Services
    Client:Customs broker, specializes in the assessment, implementation, and the management of duty drawback recovery programs
    Project Type:Invoice Data Entry
    Duration:10 years
    Project Description:Data Entry from scanned copy of Invoices into Excel Spreadsheet. We perform Double Keying Method to achieve higher accuracy. We need to key the details such as Invoice No., Packing List No., Qty., Unit Price, Supplier Code, Total Invoice to Pay, NEV Value Etc.
    Project Status:Completed
    Services:Data Entry Services, Invoice Data Entry, PDF to excel data entry, Data Entry from scanned documents, Document Data Entry
    Industry:Accounting & Bookkeeping
    Client:Financial Services
    Project Type:Online Check Entry Process
    Duration:1 year
    Project Description:Data entry from scanned copy of checks. This is an online process through client database. We need to enter the data inputs as per the client requirements. We need to key the details such as names and the addresses from the check into client database.
    Project Status:Ongoing
    Services:Data Entry Services, Online Data Entry, Check entry, Online check entry, Check stub data entry
    Industry:Oil and Gas Industry
    Client:Buying and selling minerals and royalties.
    Project Type:Offline Check Scrub Process
    Duration:3.5 years
    Project Description:Data entry from check stubs image files. Data Input points such as Well Name, DOI decimal, County, and Operator into Excel spreadsheet from check stub (Image files).
    Project Status:Completed
    Services:Data Entry Services, Check Scrub Process, Check entry, Offline data entry, Check stub data entry
    Industry:Medical and Law Firms
    Client:Record retrieval and medical record organization services
    Project Type:Attorney Data Collection by Google Search
    Duration:12 Years
    Project Description:Attorney Data collection through Google search (Firm websites). Data collection is based on some specified criteria’s provided by the client
    Project Status:Ongoing
    Services:Data Collection Services, Attorney data collection, Online data collection, Data searching task, Online data scraping
    Industry:Legal Industry
    Client:Economics and Statistics Consultants
    Project Type:Offline Data Entry from Employee Time Sheets to Excel Spreadsheets
    Duration:8 Years
    Project Description:Data Entry from various type of image files especially from Employee Time Sheets. We perform Double Keying Method to achieve higher accuracy. We have executed various type of Projects for this client
    Project Status:Ongoing
    Services:Data Entry Services, Offline data entry, PDF to excel data entry, Time sheet Data entry, Employee time sheet entry
    Industry:Oil & Gas Industry
    Client:Data Management for Oil & Gas Industries
    Project Type:Online Database updating (Downloading and Uploading Well Reports)
    Duration:6 years
    Project Description:Online database updating. Download, Rename and uploading Well data reports into the online web interface as per the guidelines provided by the client.
    Project Status:Ongoing
    Services:Database updation services, Oil Well data updation, Oil Well data sheets uploading, Online data entry, Data entry for Oil & Gas industry