The Risks Associated with Manual Data Entry

data on a computer screen

Gone are the days when employees had to spend hours entering data, trying their best to not make any errors.

In the past, many companies have suffered losses due to minor mistakes in data. Over the years, data scientists have developed many advanced tools and software to make data entry and processing easier and more accurate.

Why Do Businesses Still Rely on Manual Data Entry?

Unfortunately, many small businesses still rely on manual data entry. Either they don’t have sufficient funds, or they’re unable to find reliable and affordable data entry services.

Let’s look at some common problems associated with manual data entry.

Human Error

Manual data entry is prone to human error. Small errors can lead to inaccurate reports, errant transactions, and lost records. All these problems can result in heavy losses for the company. However, you can’t blame the person entering the data either because it’s natural to lose concentration at times. Data entry is a tedious task, and even the most efficient employees can get frustrated at times. All these problems can easily be avoided by outsourcing your data needs to a data entry service.

Loss of Data

When employees are dealing with hundreds or even thousands of data entry files, there’s a high probability of some files getting lost or missed.

 However, when you’re using automated data entry tools or when you outsource your data entry work, you won’t have to worry about these things.

A company’s files with important data

Expended Resources

If data entry errors are not caught promptly, there might be a significant cost of fixing them. You may need to hire more employees to correct the mistake. In some cases, minor errors such as double entries can result in the loss of thousands or even millions of dollars.

Time Consuming

Manual data entry takes a considerable amount of time that your employees could otherwise spend on core business functions. Even employees with data entry experience could take weeks or even months with manual data entry methods instead of a few days using advanced tools.

Makes Analysis Difficult

A computer system can be set up to automatically conduct the analysis as you enter the data. However, if you’re entering the data manually, you will have to wait till the end to begin your analysis. If you come across one error, the whole process will have to be started right from the beginning.

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