The Role of Visualization in Modern Businesses

Low detail render of a city.

By using computer-aided design, 2D and 3D graphics, all types of businesses are creating visualizations of their products before moving onto the real thing.

These designs provide a high level of insight and serve different purposes with each iteration. The AEC industry, in particular, has capitalized on visualization, using it to conquer some of the weaknesses of previous design systems and making it a core feature of their design procedure.

How Businesses are Using Visualization

AEC businesses are using 3D models and animations to create a wide range of architectural renders. Most commonly, they create models of prototype projects as per the demands of their clients. A newer trend is developing Augmented Reality (AR) tours—creating assets and displaying them using computers or smartphones.

AR tour on a tablet.

AR tours enable the client to walk in a simulation of the prototype to get a sense and feel of what the end result could be. If you’re part of an AEC firm and are considering acquiring visualization services for your business, here’s what you can get out of them:

The Benefits of Visualization

A Compelling Feature

Not all businesses offer visualization services, so it can be a compelling reason why some clients might be interested in your services. It’s a unique feature that can attract customers. By presenting clients with a 3D model or even an AR tour, you can show first-hand what you can deliver.

Eliminating Errors

One of the biggest advantages of visualization of any 3D model is that the design process itself is a challenge. Many of the problems that could occur during the actual development process in the industrial or construction industry can be monitored here. It helps iron out any material or structural anomalies that could take place later on. It can provide a practical look into the effectiveness of designs for all parties working on the project and can prevent any catastrophic failures later on.

Cost Saving

Apart from the aforementioned chances of structural issues, some projects are constantly plagued by changes made during the process. These can cause the project to exceed its initial budget. By creating a visualized model of the final product, you can convey the vision to the client and gain their approval before committing to developing anything physically.

The construction companies can use this knowledge in conjunction with proper BIM services to incorporate prefabricated materials, which can save up a lot of time and money on the project.

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