Top 5 Advantages of BIM In the AEC Industry

BIM or Building Information Model involves the digital representation and management of physical characteristics of a building or a place. The process of BIM is supported by several technologies and tools and is used by businesses and industries that plan and construct architectural structures.

BIM files can be sent and exchanged with other people and businesses to maintain and operate a building’s infrastructure like electricity, water, and gas.

BIM allows projects to be virtually displayed, so when the construction process begins, it eliminates all the chances of mistakes and problems.

The use of BIM can be very helpful in AEC industries as it provides an information-rich virtual model of the buildings. BIM does not only provide the AEC industries buildings with the designs and models, but it also supports the stages of building maintenance.

Here are some ways an AEC industry can benefit from BIM.

1.      Provides Visualization Options

Visualization can play a crucial role during the decision-making phase. With BIM, the entire project can be visualized a long time before the construction. It provides 2D and 3D visuals with precise geometry and excellent visualization, so the client can experience what the space will look like and make changes beforehand.

2.      Model-Based Cost Estimation

Using BIM and its tools can help in estimating the model-based cost estimation, which saves time and allows estimators and owners to focus on factors with higher values.

3.      Better Communication and Collaboration

Digital BIM tools like Revit help in improving the team communcation. Any changes made in the design are automatically updated in Revit Models, keeping everyone updated with the documentation and designs in a more reliable and coordinated way.

engineers planning a building4.      Prefabrication Increases Productivity

BIM allows the increased use of prefabrication which means the assembly of buildings at a location other than the original site. Furthermore, BIM can be used to produce database and drawings of the project instantly, in a safe and controlled environment, because of which you can increase efficiency and reduce material and labor cost.

5.      Ensures Safety on Construction Sites

BIM can help improve site safety for workers as it can visualize all the hazards and problems before the construction has started.

Its unique feature helps plan site logistics and reduce safety risks.

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Planning and designing buildings and houses can be a very complicated job. It requires a lot of labor, time, money, and coordination. However, BIM is a magic tool that can make things a lot easier for engineers and architects. It’s a cornerstone of the success enjoyed by the AEC industry.

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