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API Development

Get top-of-the-line API development and integration services with 3Alpha LLC— the leading API development company.

3Alpha LLC successfully builds secure, high-performance APIs right down to your specific requirements, irrespective of the industry your business belongs to. Our API software development professionals use contemporary methods to offer data processing in a variety of programming languages. We always meet the expectations of your customers and orient to your needs.

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What is API?

Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of certain tools, specific standards, and protocols, which a programmer uses to integrate various applications. APIs allow access to another platform or app. Using APIs, applications can interact with one another. Plus, the use of APIs doesn’t just simplify programming, but also improves user experience, facilitating the control of users over an array of applications and increasing your application’s popularity. Today, specialized APIs are improving every advanced application.

There are many types of APIs, differing based on what programming language is used for applications — for a software library; for computer hardware; for a database system; for operating systems (Microsoft Windows API, POSIX is for Linux and Berkeley Software Distribution); for a website or a web-based system (eBay, Amazon); for applications (LinkedIn API, Twitter APIs, Facebook API, Google Maps API).

In addition, there are three fundamental policies for releasing APIs: public (for public use), partner (for business partnerships), and private (for internal use).

As for the design of an API, it aims at offering only those tools that end users expect. Here, the principle of information hiding is used — not bothering users with unnecessary information that they don’t want.

Each API goes with documentation where every bit of information on how to use the API and what services it offers is given. API documentation is also essential for developers because it comprises code snippets, typical usage scenarios, descriptions of methods and classes, etc.

The benefits of using APIs

  • Push files and retrieve data by integrating mobile apps with a remote backend
  • Integrate web/mobile apps with cloud storage of files
  • Empower your CRM apps or lead generation with social insights (by matching email addresses against social media profiles.)
  • Get real-time functionality and an ability to manage computations without needing to write your own intricate algorithms (this is especially useful for companies operating in the finance and e-commerce sector)

Why choose 3Alpha LLC as your backend API development company?


Our API software development experts have extensive experience in offering API development and integration services using PHP, Python, Java, C, and C++ to create easily maintainable, secure, and powerful APIs. We carry the technical expertise and work with the most popular APIs like marketplace APIs (eBay), social media APIs (Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter), Yahoo APIs, Google APIs, as well as other APIs and mashups.


Invest in our API development service and get significant cost savings. But how? Well, it’s simple, our experienced and skilled developers follow best practices and leverage the latest technologies. So, our APIs are built to achieve high performance and remain secure, ensuring you don’t waste time and money on maintenance and support.


We successfully build APIs of high security and performance for any industry and right for your specific requirements. Our API integration developer uses top methods to offer data processing in different programming languages.


We’re API development software experts — we build new APIs and integrate your application with an interface of an existing API. Our team of experienced professionals provides API software development, offering you a custom, rich-in-functions API solution.

Custom API development service

Our API software development expert strictly follows the REST (representational state transfer) architecture while applying an individual approach. We build high-performance APIs for your needs, use the best development tools, and offer well-structured, clean programming code.

API for mobile application development

We develop APIs to help you make appointments, and payments, and find geolocation to enrich your mobile applications.

API development for cloud computing

These APIs allow the integration of various applications into the cloud. They can either be specific or cross-platform. Our backend API developer builds cloud-based APIs for social networking, sharing photos, videos, and other data in the cloud, etc.

Web API development

Web API is a collection of HTTP request messages. When developing web APIs, we use ROA (resource-oriented architecture) and REST styles. We also create web APIs and mashups for social media.

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API integration

API integration means setting smooth communication between diverse programs, technologies, and software components: integration with Oracle web services; integration with XML, JS, and RESTful APIs; integration with Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Amazon, PayPal, Yahoo, and Google.

API consulting

Our API integration developer will help you develop a plan and a strategy, analyze your current architecture and processes, and detect and eliminate issues before they become real. With extensive experience, we’ll help you make the right choice of API integration and management solutions that will meet all your needs. We develop our recommendations based on rigorous analysis, considering architecture, security, processes, and account code.

3Alpha’s full stack API development services for websites

We’re a prominent software development company that understands the diversity of API needs. We offer end-to-end custom API development and integration services that meet the diverse requirements of every project. We deliver our services to both startups and well-established players.

Whether it’s cloud-based API integration and development or developing API for mobile apps, our backend API developer delivers high-quality API development services at a competitive cost.

Infuse flexibility and a new perspective into your business with 3Alpha LLC

Experience the power of superior connectivity with our API development for websites. Get a streamlined, secure, and faster development that guarantees enhanced engagement and a high-quality experience.

Whether you want us to start from scratch or modify your existing apps, our API software developer will assist you with your unique needs. We leverage our years of experience in creating high-performance APIs to develop business-critical processes, mobile applications, and web applications, with common architectures such as event-driven, hypermedia, web service, REST, and using API development standards like OAuth2, OpenID Connect, among others, which simplify the process of API development.

To ensure quality user experience and third-party integration, our backend API developer adopts best practices and uses the latest API development tools. If you want to work with a premier REST API development company, don’t look further than what 3Alpha LLC has to offer.

From two-factor authentication API to payment gateway and social networking platforms, and more, 3Alpha LLC has the relevant experience for building custom API for your apps. Guided by our goal of delivering excellence at every step of the development process, we coordinate with various stakeholders directly, offering updates and reports regularly, which further produces more potential. So, hire our API programmers and avail the following benefits:

  • Strong IP protection
  • Secure, high-quality, and reliable development solutions
  • End-to-end software and API development services for a variety of industry verticals
  • Integration with Web APIs, Google APIs, XML, JavaScript, REST-based APIs, etc.
  • Round-the-clock maintenance and support
  • Feature-rich, innovative API development
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Complete access to our team of experienced professionals, well-versed with PHP, Java, C, C++, API programming, and more.
  • Flexible, transparent pricing models

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the business benefits of using an API?

From promoting innovation to increasing the efficiency of your business, API development for websites allows you to enjoy numerous benefits including:

  • Adaptation
  • Flexibility
  • Personalization
  • Access to data/information
  • Integration
  • Improved scope

What is a custom API?

Since custom APIs offer businesses tremendous opportunities for scale and innovation, they’re very useful. In addition, they allow businesses to attract a wider range of customers across the globe. These APIs can be used to connect with all programming languages and are built around the HTTP protocol. Simply put, custom APIs aggregate data from an array of sources, add the right business logic, and return results in a mobile-friendly manner.

How do we design and develop APIs?

Once we understand the purpose and requirements of API, as well as the audience, we proceed to develop APIs, which comprises the following steps:

  1. Design the API
  2. Virtualize the dependences of API
  3. Build the business logic of API
  4. Test the API
  5. Develop the API documentation

How much does it cost to develop an API?

Since different development projects have different requirements, the cost of API development differs based on the requirements of your specific project. Our API software developer first reviews your requirements and provides you with an appropriate quote for fully custom API development, which helps you make an informed decision.

How much time does it take to develop an API?

Our API software developer offers a quick turnaround time. Hire our API programmers — they’ll develop and integrate the API fast.

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