We have worked with 3Alpha for more than 15 years. They have been extremely dependable for all of our data entry projects. I would highly recommend them. - HT Pham

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At 3Alpha, we offer full-cycle software product development services, from business analysis and market research to design, development, and launch.

Our custom software product development services are for:

  • Businesses that want to digitalize: Successfully go digital with the help of field experts.
  • Organizations looking to launch their own product on the market: Get all the resources you need to launch the product.
  • Early-stage startups without a tech team: Build your startup with the help of technical experts.

We’re a launch pad for your product

Here’s what happens after you contact us:

Investigation and estimation

We listen to you and understand exactly what product you’re looking to develop, its purpose, and what features it should have.

  • Gathering requirements: Feel free to give our business analyst a call to discuss the features of the product.
  • Research: Our software product design experts dig into your business model and the market to determine the best tech solutions.
  • Estimation: Our experts estimate the time and money required to get your project off the ground.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Rough project estimate
  • Idea crash test
  • Consultation with an analyst


This is one of the fundamental steps that every professional software product development company prioritizes. Every feature is written as a list and presented on a timeline. Plus, this is when the technology and architecture stack are defined.

  • Workshop: We accurately evaluate risks and your ideas, highlight features, and obtain professional feedback.
  • Roadmap: Here, we’ll give you a coherent vision of the development process, which will help you understand the existing and future steps.
  • Tech stack and architecture: To avoid refactoring in the future, we specify the best architecture and technologies for the project.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Tech stack and architecture
  • Development plan
  • Information Architecture
  • Sitemap
  • Final proposal


As a software development management company, we’ll use tests and research to define the aesthetics and functionality of the final product, creating value for users and ensuring they enjoy the product.

  • UX: We’ll determine how users and products interact to achieve their purpose intuitively.
  • UI: We draw the software’s final view, focusing on micro-interactions and other details.
  • Identity design: We make your brand more noticeable and memorable by finetuning the identity elements of your business.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • UI design mockups
  • Prototype
  • Wireframes
  • Style guide
  • Identity design


In this step, our engineers develop your software utilizing the specified architecture and technologies in accordance with the user interface designs and user experience. Our experts are familiar with designing software for agile development.

  • Cloud and databases: As a SaaS development company, we prepare the environment for cloud computing, APIs, data storage, etc.
  • Frontend: Our software product design experts develop lightning-fast, flexible interfaces to offer users a picture-perfect experience.
  • Backend: We work on the hidden system that runs the business logic of the software.

Here’s what you get:

  • Custom APIs
  • Configured databases
  • Backend code
  • Website Layout


Our custom software product development specialists perform manual and automated testing to verify the code’s quality and keep your users from seeing bugs.

  • Test automation: We automate code testing for lower regression risk and better deployment capacity.
  • Manual QA: As the finest software product development company, we perform product checks manually, ensuring users get the experience they’re looking for, and everything works as planned.
  • Security check: We ensure your product doesn’t contain any data breaches, vulnerabilities, or backdoors.

Here’s what you get:

  • Security check
  • Test scripts
  • Usability testing
  • Test automation

Deployment and maintenance

We don’t just take your product live; we gladly encourage its growth. In addition, our software development management expert increases deployment capacity by setting up uninterrupted integration and delivery.

  • CD/CI: We check code instantly and automatically before deployment to increase delivery speed.
  • Cloud and app stores: As one of the leading providers of software product development services, we establish a cloud platform for the website and set up the app for release.
  • Continuous improvement: We detect new opportunities and make adjustments to the business trajectory by conducting user surveys and interviews.

Here’s what you get:

  • User feedback
  • Product reviews
  • Build files and source code
  • Maintenance and support

How do we differ?

Risk management

While it’s important to spend time writing code, attention should also be given to risk management and strategic sessions. As a SaaS development company, this helps us become a partner, not only a vendor.

Communication and reporting

A status meeting must be established regularly, which should include every team member. We plan steering committees, weekly status meetings, and daily standups for every project.


We cover every recruitment expense. You’ll only be invoiced for the design and development. Plus, no invoicing for sick-leave hours or vacations too. Our clients only see productive hours in invoices.

Numerous software products built

Working in the market for years now, our experts in software for agile development have gained a fair bit of expertise in software development and management services.

Our software product developer helps you deliver successful software products by combining cutting-edge technologies, data, and experiential design with our product development services

Product development is an opportunity to make an impact in the market and to develop new things. Our world-class professionals follow a meticulous design process to create immersive development management software product experiences. An integral part of our DNA is the agile development methodology and this is what we implement while performing our activities. To ensure we deliver the best product development software, we follow a product development process that puts the customers’ needs at the center of our development efforts.

The approach of our software product developer sets you up for success

We ensure your development management software delivers high value to end users. We follow the best product development software practices, like superior industrial design thinking, rapid prototyping, and agile development to fulfill the needs of your customers. With a dedicated team of business experts and tech assigned to our client, we ensure market success in all projects we take on.

DevOps mindset

Our culture is geared towards a ‘shift-left’ mentality. We condition our teams towards a DevOps mindset and invest in their continuous learning. This means, our engineers follow coding best practices — applying automation wherever possible, and delivering secure, high-quality development management software.

Product thinking DNA

Our software product developer carries a product thinking DNA. While they flawlessly execute their tasks, they’re always aware of the bigger picture. Our project teams work toward meeting user goals with the product by empathizing with the end user.

Evolutionary architecture

Our expertise in open source technologies and cloud-native microservices ensures that systems are self-healing, event-driven, and scalable. With us, you’ll get nothing but the best product development software!

We’re always ahead of the curve when it comes to market-leading software product design and development services

We’re a software product development company using high-value tech and business processes to offer superior services to our clients and build immersive digital products. Our software product design and development process is designed with a shift-left mentality, which highlights potential problems early in the product development lifecycle. With us, you get better accountability, increased throughput, higher delivery velocity, rapid prototyping services, and expert consultations.

Site reliability engineering

This is one of the most important processes in our software product development lifecycle. We set up logging, automated monitoring, and tracing practices for incident responses. Moreover, we deploy automated status monitoring tools to report issues to users and measure SLA uptime.

DevSecOps compliant

Our DevSecOps practices help us deliver inherently secure code. Our software product design and development experts use best practices such as SADT and SAST within the CD/CI pipelines. In addition, we also encourage project teams for digital signing of artifacts, container scanning, and dependency checks.

Test-driven development

At 3Alpha, we incorporate test pyramids right at the start. By combining refactoring, unit test cases, and development, we ensure that the delivered code is clean.

Lean product management

Our approach to software product development helps our engineers to be more productive, encouraging them to spend most of their time prioritizing and coding valued-based backlogs. This also leads to improved technical debt management and enables teams to incorporate stakeholder feedback and deliver demos frequently.

Reach out to us and discover how our software product design and development services have accomplished phenomenal results for our clients

Our clients are consistently satisfied with our practical adherence to every instituted process, rapid prototyping, product thinking, commitment to technical excellence, product vision, and tangible business benefits they have accomplished by partnering with us.

Let’s start a conversation about how you can build or enhance your software product. We’re here to assist! Get in touch with us to benefit from our software product design and development services at 3Alpha.