What Are The 7 Phases of The Software Development Live Cycle?


The 7 Phases of SDLC and What To Look For in Custom Software Development Companies Using Them


Software development has become integral to modern business operations as many companies go digital to remain competitive. This intricate process requires careful consideration, planning, and execution to produce high-quality results. The software development life cycle (SDLC) is a structured approach to software development that guides developers through the various stages of software development. 3Alpha, LLC, a leader in custom software development companies, discusses the Seven Phases of SDLC that software development teams follow to ensure the best possible output.


custom-software-development-companies-sdlc1. Planning Phase

Planning is the first and most crucial phase in the software development lifecycle. It involves gathering requirements, estimating project timelines and budgets, and creating a roadmap for the entire project. Planning lays the foundation for all subsequent project stages, making it an essential step for success.


2. Analysis Phase

The analysis phase is where the software development team determines the scope of the project. During this phase, potential risks and benefits are identified. During this phase, developers evaluate the project’s feasibility and assess the available resources and technology to determine what is required for a successful launch.


3. Design Phase

The design phase is where the project’s actual development begins, and the process of creating a detailed plan of how the software will look, feel, and operate begins. The design phase involves creating wireframes, architecture, and designing the user interface.


custom-software-development-companies-team4. Development Phase

The development phase is where the physical development is implemented. The actual coding of the software takes place. Developers use the designs and wireframes created in the previous stage to guide and develop the software. This phase involves coding, testing, debugging, and integrating various modules to create the software.


5. Testing Phase

During the testing phase, the software is evaluated to ensure it meets various requirements. The testing phase aims to identify bugs, defects, and any other problems; gather input from multiple stakeholders for user experience; the quality of the software is improved to reduce the risk of failure after release.


6. Implementation Phase

The implementation phase involves launching the software into production. This phase consists in deploying the software on servers, configuring the environment, and making the software available to end users.


custom-software-development-companies-laptop7. Maintenance Phase

Maintenance is the final phase of the SDLC and involves maintaining and updating the software post-implementation to ensure it remains operational and updated with the latest features. The maintenance phase includes monitoring the software’s performance, addressing bugs and glitches, and supporting end-users.


Using The SDLC

The software development life cycle follows seven phases – planning, analysis, design, development, testing, implementation, and maintenance. Every step in the SDLC plays a crucial role in the software development process, and all must be executed correctly to ensure the software’s success. By following these seven steps, developers can create high-quality software that meets users’ requirements and remains competitive in the market for years to come.



What To Look For In Companies That Offer Custom Software Development

Custom software development is a critical component when it comes to creating the best digital offering for your clients and customers. Your apps should seamlessly carry your online visitors intuitively through all processes leading to a Call To Action. Not only should companies offering custom software development be knowledgeable of the SDLC process, but they should be experienced in how to use this process to produce software output that offers the best UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) that uniquely meets the needs of your business.

At 3Alpha, LLC, we understand the critical software development life cycle steps needed for your online business solutions. Harnessing one of the best development teams in the business, along with over 15 years of experience, we provide expertise in website and app development to produce custom client solutions. We follow an agile development approach that ensures that we deliver high-quality products without compromising the quality of services – helping clients achieve their business goals in the best possible way.


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