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As a corporate entity, there are numerous financial processes in play which take up a fair bit of financial and human resources. It starts off quite simple with a small business, but your financial streams begin to overlap and multiply that requires an increasingly sophisticated level of competence and expertise. It’s not just about the changes in financial processes as operational scales increase, all businesses need to keep their finances in order to function properly in the longrun.

Financial processes include a lot of different mechanisms—tax management, bookkeeping, and investment management. From the creation of financial reports, drawing up analyses to consolidating accounting data—each of these aspects of financial oversight are crucial to smooth organizational functioning and long-term growth.

The Importance of Financial Process Efficiency

Hiring a financial process outsourcing service can go a long way in reducing process inefficiency and keeping you on top of your financial reports—to improve organizational outcomes. Incidentally, there’s no shortage of data on the relationship between financial process efficiency and company success:

  • The best performing companies spend a third on the personnel for financial process management of the amount spent by the worst performing.
  • All the top ranking companies spend half the amount on the entirety of their financial management processes as the worst performers.
  • The top performers spend 0.63% of their entire revenue on financial processes, compared to 2.05% by the worst performers.

There can be any number of reasons for this disparity between the best and the worst performing organizations but it’s not very difficult to see why. A company that spends less money on their financial processes has competent financial managers, is faster with its financial decisions and experiences proportionate increases in revenue despite keeping their financial management costs low.

One cost-effective way for anyone to minimize the costs associated with financial management, is through financial process outsourcing. These services offer you access to financial experts at a fraction of the cost that you’d have to pay for hiring someone to work with you full-time. FPO service providers offer a wide range of services, including:

Accounting Services

Accounting services include a wide range of functions such as accounts preparations, financial statement creation, carrying out internal audits, preparing reports for internal use only. FPO services offer faster accounting reporting services owing to their specialization in the field.

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Bookkeeping Services

 Bookkeeping services includes keeping track of all the expenses and revenues incurred at a day-to-day basis. You can outsource these services to an FPO service provider to eliminate the hassle associated with consolidating this information to receive routine compilations of your books for any given period of time.

Accounts Payable/Receivables

This includes tracking all of the payments you need to make and those that you are owed. Keeping track of payables and receivables is a complicated task requiring a lot of backtracking, adjustments to books and annual accounts—which is better handled by someone who isn’t playing a role in other organizational processes—like an FPO service.

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Tax Preparations and Tax Returns

Tax preparations are the cause of a lot of grief to corporations for any number of reasons. Sometimes the accounting records have to be redone, a lot of regulations must be kept in mind, you need to identify which taxable income also qualifies for returns. Most FPO services work with expert tax accountants who can prepare your taxes and file for returns too.

Payroll Preparation

As your workforce expands, you’ll have to spend steadily increasing amounts of time on preparing your payroll. Your FPO service provider can help you prepare your payroll and even manage transferring wages to employee accounts for you.

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