Why Keeping Your Services In-House Is a Waste of Money

In-house engineering is quickly going out of fashion since there are multiple outsourcing companies that operate and provide better results at more competitive rates compared to doing it internally. This makes one think, is in-house engineering a waste of money and resources these days? There are some of the reasons indicating so.

1. Higher Costs

In-house engineering will cost you more money compared to outsourcing it. This is because you’ll need to create a special team with experts or train your staff and buy expensive tools and equipment necessary for the project. Outsourcing companies have all these tools and equipment available readily, and their experts are well trained and experienced in carrying out these jobs.

Hiring specialists means having them on your payroll at all times. You can’t fire and re-hire all the time. There must be times when your business won’t require engineering, designing, or manufacturing. You can easily put your contract with outsourcing companies on hold when you don’t require their services.

2. Takes More Time

Since you have to make a special team dedicated to the project, the recruitment, training, onboarding, buying of machinery and tools, and other processes will take time. With outsourcing companies, you can contact them and get your engineering work started in little time since these companies are prepared for this kind of project.


3. Distracts You from Core Functions and Business Growth

In-house engineering requires a lot of resources. Many businesses that burn a lot of resources on their engineering fail to focus on other core functions, which leads to losses and the business failing to grow and scale. Outsourcing your engineering will allow you and your team to focus on all core aspects of your business and run it smoothly without any stress from engineering.

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