Why Should Start-ups in Arizona Invest In Android App Development?

Android phone

Smart devices have become indispensable in our lives, making it almost impossible for people to live a single day without them. With such a scenario, it’s not wise for businesses to restrict their offline presence. In this day and age, it’s integral that one makes the business available online. And app development is one of the best approaches to doing so.

The first thing that comes to mind of start-up owners when considering building any application is which platform to choose. Since start-ups have limited resources and higher market risk, they sometimes can’t afford to invest in developing separate apps for both popular platforms.

So, it becomes vital to understand what’s more profitable in this situation: iOS or Android? Experienced developers at 3Alpha LLC want start-up owners to learn why Android apps are generally a better investment.

What Makes Android A Better App Development Option for Start-Ups?

#1- Global Audience Reach

As a platform, Android is gaining popularity by the minute. Surveys show over 3 million Android apps are already in the market, with numerous apps added daily. Statistics also revealed a 13% market growth rate for smartphones every year, with Android smartphones dominating the market share by 86%.

Depending on where your target audience is located or the socio-economic groups you’re targeting, Android is a much better choice in many ways. Android has better scope in developing nations, with iOS performing slightly better in developed regions.

#2- Lower Investment

As an open-source platform, Android enables accessing SDK and development tools easier as they’re available for free. Google doesn’t charge any fee for using the platform either, lowering app development costs.

Even highly experienced and proficient app developers are available in the market for a much more reasonable rate than iOS developers, which further reduces overall cost. Start-ups can thus invest in marketing and development to yield higher profits.

A large number of code libraries also enable faster android app development and launching, which is another perk start-ups can enjoy.

Person enjoying coffee while using tablet and phone#3- Device Compatibility and Fragmentation

When you choose an android app over iOS, there’s virtually no restriction on the systems or devices. You can build the app on Mac, Windows, or a Linux system, which makes it the go-to platform for all sectors with interoperability requirements.

Moreover, the android ecosystem is made up of various devices, including TV, smartphones, wearables, and home assistant devices. While it leads to increased development, testing time, and costs, heavy device fragmentation offers many benefits.

Unlike iOS, which is limited to a set of devices, android inevitably points toward the broader market, all ripe and ready for developers to target with their app.

#4- Higher Customization Options

Android offers higher grades of customization features, allowing developers to curate apps with diverse functionalities. Even complex app ideas can be developed because it provides the flexibility of integrating multimedia tools, communication features, data management functions, and many other customizations per your business needs.

In addition, the rapid speed at which the android app market is booming makes it a preferred platform for launching an app in the market. The wider audience reach and lower costs make android the perfect profit-yielding tool. If you’re planning to take the leap, partner with 3Alpha LLC for cutting-edge application and website development services.

We have a team of designers and coders that will work with you to create the perfect app for your start-up. Our team understands the importance of providing a matchless user experience with flawless functionality to all users at minimal costs. Speak to our experts to get the app you desire with expedited project execution to help you launch the app faster.

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