Why You Should Consider BIM in Construction

BIM visualization of a building

BIM has singlehandedly changed construction, becoming an integral part of the process.

Before the shovel digs the dirt, the business information modeling procedure takes place in order to start things off properly. If your construction company isn’t using BIM, here are some things it is missing out on:

Visualize the End Product

BIM solutions are extensively used nowadays because of their visualization features. During the preconstruction project, before even the first brick is set on the floor, you can take a look at an estimated look of what the end result will look like. It has countless benefits, helping the major stakeholders determine whether they’re satisfied with the design or require amendments.

It can produce a significant impact on your progress if there’s any complaints from the client halfway through the project, with any overhaul requiring more out of your initial budget. All of that can be avoided by visualization.

Prevent Mistakes and Lower Costs

BIM ensures that several aspects of the project are considered during the preconstruction phase and companies can focus on prefabricating the right materials for the task. Prefabricating materials can affect the overall experience of working on the project in many ways.

It eliminates waste of material and lessens the chances of items being unused. There’s also a lot of cost-saving in terms of the labor costs associated with the documentation of the site and materials required to do the job.

High Level of Collaboration

Construction projects involve as many as hundreds of workers spread across different teams, with different teams and individuals all dedicated to several tasks at a time. All of these tasks are linked and often depend on the systematic completion of one to build a stepping stone for another to begin.

Labor communicating on-site

Such a system requires a great deal of coordination and teamwork that demands a system like BIM coordination, which helps all the workers stay informed about progress. From sharing models, designs and reporting progress to the shareholders, all of this is possible using BIM.

Assess Clashes and Safety Risks

Because of the interconnected tasks, there is also the risk of a deadlock that could occur. Either because of a resource or workers that may be already occupied with another task that could potentially cause a delay. All of these can be ironed out using a BIM service.

It can also help you assess if there are any risks involved in a certain task. It enables you to ensure that the people involved maintain all safety protocols and are aware of any problems that could occur in the process.

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