Why You Should Use Tekla for Structural Steel Detailing

3D Illustration of an office space

Do you see the tall buildings in your city? These colossal steel structures have a greater number of floors that you can count without straining your neck.

These skyscrapers and tall building structures require a sturdy base and design. Structural steel detailing plays a pivotal role in providing strength and toughness to these building structures.

Structural steel detailing ensures there are no cracks or defects that can affect the structural integrity of buildings, which can lead to a collapse. Previously, architects and designers carried out the detailing process in 2D models, which left many things to the imagination, hence often leading to poor coordination and conflicting schedules.

However, the advents in technology have paved the way for better options. Advanced software like Tekla comes with new capabilities, allowing structural designers to create realistic, 3D steel fabrication drawings. Still not convinced? Learn why you should use Tekla for your next structural steel detailing project:

Flexible Process

You are likely to produce a wide range of structures by cutting, shaping, and assembling the structural steel components. Using Tekla, you can install these fabricated parts and assign elements more conveniently. You can also make editing and modification at any stage, providing you more flexibility and streamlining the process.

Saves time

Tekla has a great feature called automatic synchronization that enables you to manage and sync all the files in the system. When you make any changes in the fabrication drawing, it automatically updates across the system. It prevents the need to make manual edits, saving a significant amount of time and keeping the project schedule on track.

3D model of steel structures on abstract blue background with numbers.

3D modeling environment

The 3D modeling environment allows you to make better designs and carry out the fabrication process more efficiently. You can handle complex design problems and identify flaws by using 3D views, which are highly detailed. All the drawings are in sync, which means changes are automatically updated across the software, minimizing the chances of errors.

Better accuracy

Tekla discontinued the BIMsight viewer back in 2019 but provided a replacement called Trimble Connect for Desktop. The new software has useful features like 3D navigation, viewing multiple models, measuring and clip planes, and the new ones, including a customizable user interface and enhanced 3D experience for better accuracy and performance.

Save money

Tekla simplifies the design modification process and allows you to play with different ideas. You can find various alternatives to minimize your material and labor costs. Tekla allows you to find out the amount of structural steel needed with high accuracy and generate a bill of materials accordingly. It can save you a substantial amount of money, especially on large projects.

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